Criteria for Community Pharmacies to access Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for COVID-19 Outbreak in Ghana

To prevent the transmission of infection of the coronavirus and to protect both the public and the community pharmacists, it is imperative that PPEs are worn whenever possible.

In anticipation of the provision of these PPEs through the request made at the MOH and the support of the PSGH to supplement this, CPPA would like to share the following eligibility criteria, although we admit that no one should be left behind. The limited supply to meet the demand has compelled the need to create this set of criteria to guide the initial distribution when received.

We look forward to adequate supplies to meet the request of all community pharmacists nationwide who may need it.

The Eligibility Criteria for Community Pharmacies subject to period revision is as follows:

  • The superintendent pharmacist or Pharmacist in Charge is responsible for receiving and ensuring its appropriate use at the community pharmacy
  • The community pharmacy should be located in a region where COVID-19 cases have been identified
  • Priority would be given to pharmacies in areas identified as hotspots
  • The community pharmacy should have a pharmacist present at all times

CPPA Regional Chairs in collaboration with PSGH Regional Chairs will be responsible for the distribution in the various regions.

CPPA National will work together with PSGH National in support of this.

All pharmacies requiring PPEs would have to make a request with the following details:

  • Name and registration number of Superintendent Pharmacist as responsible contact
  • Name and registration numbers of staff pharmacists and or locum pharmacists
  • Name of Pharmacy
  • Location of Pharmacy – please include Town, District and Region

Request should be submitted through the link given.

Enquiries and information can also be submitted through the given link or via CPPA’s phone or WhatsApp number and also via email as given.

Thank you

Pharm Dr. Elysee A.B. Karikari-Agyeman

Chairperson, CPPA

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